Pronouns Usage Among LGBTQ Youth

This brief uses data from the Trevor Project’s 2020 National Survey on LGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health to further explore pronoun usage among LGBTQ youth. The brief demonstrates chronic stressors that impact LGBTQ+ youth mental health and the positive impacts of proper...

Beyond Inclusion: Pronoun Use for Health and Well-Being

Everyone is assigned a gender at birth. A doctor checks each baby over, and, primarily based on external features, selects one of two gender options that seems to fit best. This single decision—not even our own—informs almost every aspect of the rest of our lives,...

GLSEN Pronoun Guide

This guide was created to help people in school communities, like students and teachers, learn how to use people’s correct pronouns. The goal of this guide is to engage people in learning, educating, and advocating for the inclusive use of pronouns for all.
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