Equity Cohort

About the Equity Cohort

All members of the North Sound Collaborative Action Network are engaged in the Equity cohort, with all partners committed to learning, advocacy and finding ways to work in concert to advance equitable well-being across the North Sound region. We welcome participation from all – individuals and organizations. 

The work is guided by a set of shared beliefs, with specific emphasis on the belief that inherited legacies of systemic racism have perpetuated trauma and exclusion, particularly among Indigenous populations and communities of color; and honoring of tribal sovereignty, learning from the experiences of Tribal and Indigenous populations’ holistic, intergenerational approaches to well-being, healing, and stewardship.

The Equity Cohort has three initial focus areas, with work groups formed to dive deeper in: 

  • Equity and Racial Justice, focused on advancing learning around belonging, and social, racial and gender justice; 
  • Tribal and Indigenous Learning, to advance tribal learning and foster potential partnerships between native and non-native organizations; and 
  • Measurable Equitable Well-being, focused on incorporating measures of well-being, and collecting and analyzing data to identify disparities and address biases.

Start Here

The following resources will help you get started.

Racial Equity and Belonging

This publication shares information on the #BelongingPledge and encourages readers to commit to the discussion about racial equity no matter how uncomfortable i...


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