Emerging Areas Cohort

About the Emerging Areas Cohort

The group of North Sound partners working in the Emerging Areas Cohort have come together to address emerging issues that impact the ability for community members to thrive. Recent examples include the impact of COVID, climate disasters, and inequitable access to testing and vaccines due to language access issues. There are three initial focused work groups that have formed: Developing a Community Perspective in Emergency Response, Youth and Emerging Leadership Engagement, and Rural Access to Care. 

These three areas were identified by community partners who have come together during unexpected crises and disasters. Community partners found themselves working together, and alongside traditional public emergency response centers, and often expected to serve community members that traditional systems do not reach. Community organizations have a better understanding of the unique struggles and needs of the population served, especially where English is not a primary language, for tribal communities and other communities of color.  

The Emerging Focus Areas Cohort aims to collectively learn how structural racism, discrimination, and inequity perpetuate economic, political, and social gaps in minority groups and historically marginalized communities. Consequently, members of this cohort are motivated to co-design better and more inclusive programming, policies, and systems that consider and elevate the voices of the diverse communities within the North Sound region.


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