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Multilingual Resources on COVID-19

This blog post contains fact sheets, posters, multimedia resources, and links to live updates in multiple languages about COVID-19, its symptoms, and how to pre...

Greater than COVID Digital Toolkit

Doctors, nurses, researchers and community healthcare workers provide facts and dispel misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines in this FAQ video series.

COVID-19 Testing Communications Toolkit

This website is intended to help people communicate the importance of COVID-19 testing. It provides various tutorials and materials to help clearly educate indi...

Coronavirus and Latino Health Equity

This website contains a curated collection by Salud America! of culturally relevant stories, infographics, webinars, and other resources on the COVID-19 pandemi...

Humane Housing and COVID-19

Safe, stable housing has long been a pressing concern among those who steward health and well-being. Humane housing is a central tenet of how much a family is a...

Health Equity and COVID-19

How we will experience coronavirus was in large part shaped before the pandemic. The policies and systems we inherited have had significant influence on the env...

The COVID Racial Data Tracker

The COVID Racial Data Tracker tracks how the pandemic isn’t affecting all communities the same way by collecting, publishing, and analyzing racial data on...

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