North Sound Voices

North Sound Voices brings experiences, ideas, and solutions from across the North Sound region to you. We believe in the wisdom of our region. We believe that our communities know what they need – and are demonstrating resilience every day. We believe we are stronger together. When we listen to and learn from each other, we can do more than we ever could alone.

We honor the oral traditions and storytelling of our region, by producing this multimedia project to highlight the work and the people in our region. North Sound Voices is a podcast, as well as videos, where you will learn from peer and lived experiences, feel connected to the region and the Network, and be inspired!


Season one is all about the Vital Conditions for Health and Well-Being. Listeners will learn about the Vital Conditions framework from national, regional, and local leaders working to expand access to the Vital Conditions we all need to thrive. Episodes will highlight the interdependence of the Vital Conditions, and how multi-solving strategies can increase our collective impact.

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Episode One – What are the Vital Conditions, with Liz Baxter and Becky Payne!

Episode Two – Exploring Humane Housing Solutions with Kevin Riley and Lisa Janicki

More episodes coming soon!


In January 2023, we asked our partners to share their perspectives on belonging, their equity journey, our shared work in the newly emerged Collaborative Action Network, and what does practicing equity and belonging look like. Each answer was distinctive, personal, with honest reflection and vulnerability. We’re grateful to our partners for sharing their thoughts with us. View the full playlist here or individual videos below!

Why join the collaborative action network?

Building bridges for collective action

What does holistic wellbeing mean to you?

Why did you become a network partner?

Providing care in the future

What does belonging mean to you?

What does equity mean to you?

How can we advance healthcare in the region?

Balancing urgent services and rebuilding systems

Belonging to each other

When have you felt belonging?

What is community paramedic response?

Commitment to all community members

Why does representation matter?

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