Twice a year, North Sound ACH hosts our all-partner events, called Convenings; an assembly of changemakers and dreamers in the North Sound region gathered to learn and take action for change. They are vibrant canvases where ideas flourish, connections ignite, and possibilities soar. When you attend a North Sound ACH Convening and share in these experiences, you become more than just partners; you become integral threads woven into the fabric of the work being done in the region. Since 2020, we have recorded the Convenings, so please watch the sessions, with their accompanying resources, and join us at the next one!


January 2024:
The HeART of Transformation

In January 2024, we convened for the HeART of Transformation. Highlights include:

  • A welcome by Natosha Gobin and the Tulalip Culture Department
  • A keynote by Matika Wilbur
  • Poetry: A Tool for Healing and Liberation
  • Exploring Catalyzing Change through Well-Being Measurement
  • Beyond Integration: Recovery Coaching & Lived Experience
  • Partner Spotlights & Films

August 2023:
Building Bridges for Collective Action

In August 2023, we convened to Build Bridges for Collective Action. Highlights include:

  • A welcome and prayer by Michael Vendiola
  • A celebration of partner-led projects
  • An exploration of measuring equitable and intergenerational well-being
  • Charting the Course Together – Communities of Practice & Peer-Based Learning

August 2022:
Creating Legacies for Living Together

Storytelling is a rich way to share our experiences in the world, and deepen our understanding of others. At the August 2022 Convening, we included an extra session to livestream a film screening of work produced by partner Children of the Setting Sun Productions. We also virtually gathered to discuss advancing a just and inclusive culture throughout the North Sound by: continuing to evolve a strong, regional Collaborative Action Network; building community and deepening relationships by slowing down and creating space for connections; and planning for the next stages of our journey together. Find the convening recordings and supporting documents below.

August 2021:
Creating a Learning Collaborative

As we look toward the future, the mid-year convening focused on advancing equitable community health and well-being throughout the North Sound by: transitioning into the final phase of the Medicaid Transformation Project, continuing to evolve a strong, regional learning-action network, and exploring how do we care for each other. Find the convening recordings and supporting documents below.

February 2021:
Advancing Well-being Together

2020 exposed profound inequities even as it revealed the power of our interdependence. We have an opportunity, and responsibility, to work together to create a more equitable, resilient, and thriving region. The virtual winter partner convening offered us a chance to: reflect on what we’ve learned from 2020, generate strategies for how we can support equitable recovery in 2021, and deepen planning for regional learning and action network to support thriving people and places.

August 2020:
Moving from Response to Resilience

The August 2020 partner convening centered three themes: connection, exploration, and action. With nearly 100 attendees each day, partners created space to share their fears, anxieties, successes, failures, hopes, and aspirations. Find the convening recording and supporting documents below.

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