August 2023 Partner Convening: Building Bridges For Collective Action

Convening Resources & Materials

Welcome & Connection

We began the day with a welcome and prayer by, daniseten Michael Vendiola (Swinomish) – acknowledging, with humility, that the land where we held our convening was on the traditional homelands and the current reservation of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community.

Partnering and Collaboration - Celebrating Partner-led projects and Funding Review Committee

During this session, we celebrated partner-led projects and spoke to our funding review committee about their experiences. Here you may find partner presentation slides and recordings.

Measuring Well-being: It Matters! -The Different Way to Measure equitable and intergenerational well-being

In the Measurement Well-being: It Matters! portion, the group got to learn about the different ways well-being is measured, here you can find slides and resources.

Charting the Course Together - Communities of Practice & Peer Based Learning

During the Charting the Course Together segment, attendees learned about communities of practice & peer-based learning. You can find presentation slides, and related articles to the communities of practice and peer-based learning opportunities that guests got to participate in during the activity, here

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