Resource Curation

North Sound Community Action Network

Curating Resources for the Resource Library

What do you consider a “resource”?

We recognize that resources live in many forms: people, places, traditions, reports, webinars, videos, podcasts, checklists, tools, and more. 

This Resource Library is designed to make the wisdom, innovations, and best practices that already exist in North Sound accessible–and to link North Sound resources to national frameworks and thought partners.

How are resources identified?

Resources are identified three primary ways: 

  1. Community Commons team members, our national partner and developer of the Resource Library, tag resources that align with the North Sound ACH Network priorities. These resources are uploaded to the Resource Library through our behind-the-scenes technology connection with Community Commons. 
  2. North Sound ACH staff members recommend resources that we upload to the Resource Library and Community Commons.

Network partners and community members suggest resources, topics, or things they would like to learn more about through our Suggest a Resource form.

Who is the audience for these resources?

The Resource Library and all of our resources are designed to support Network organizations and community members as we learn, explore, and discover more about the strategies, frameworks, and ideas that will advance a just and inclusive culture. 

That means that we have a variety of resource types–reports, videos, podcasts, stories–to explain a topic. Some of our resources may be more technical, like a report to help a health care center implement a best practice program. We also have resources that help us see what we all have in common or highlight our shared values, like a link to introduce the North Sound Indigenous Futurity Alliance: the Alliance brings youth from across the region together to hold space for voices that have been historically silenced, marginalized, and oppressed. 

What are the Topics

Resources are organized into topics. All topics are listed on the Explore by Topic page. When a resource is added to the Resource Library, we add tags. The tags help sort the resources into groups, or topics, that become the building blocks for our Collections and Learning Journeys.

How are the Network topics identified?

Topics align with the Network’s cohorts and learning priorities. Cohort topics were identified through feedback and requests from partners–and will expand over time. As the cohorts evolve or identify focus areas, we will update the Resource Library to match.

What is the curation process?

The North Sound ACH team partnered with the Community Commons team to develop a curation process for the Resource Library. 

Whenever a new resource is recommended for the Resource Library, we evaluate the resource against the following criteria: 

  • Relevance: Is the resource related to the Network: the cohorts, our learning sessions, or the Annual Summit? Is the resource local or regional? If the resource is national, will it be useful to Network members?
  • Audience: Is the resource useful for our general Network audience? Is it useful for a target audience or specific portion of the Network?
  • Longevity: How current is the resource? Is the content outdated now? Will the resource still be relevant to the Network six months from now?

Generally, we do not add resources that:

  • Are time-limited and will not be useful beyond the near future point in time;
  • Focus on legislation or draft legislation that tend not to be relevant for a general audience, are highly technical and change or go out of date in short order;
  • Amount to an advertisement for a product, business or service and are not substantive, useful or generally relevant; or
  • Are overtly political, either right or left-leaning.
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