Guided Learning

What Is Guided Learning?

The Resource Library has been developed with North Sound ACH staff and network partners–and will continue to grow and evolve. Right now, you can search the library for tools, stories, reports, and videos to grow our shared understanding and support collective action. The search box at the top of the homepage or on the Explore by Topic tab will take you to the more than 400 resources already available for partners to explore.

It can be challenging to know where to start when you are learning about a new topic or idea. Collections, or groups of resources, provide context, introduce concepts in a systematic way, and ground you in what’s most important first. 

For example, the North Sound ACH team developed the Network 101 Collection to introduce concepts essential to the Network. The Collection defines Belonging & Inclusion in a few paragraphs and then recommends resources from both North Sound and national partners to explore Belonging & Inclusion in a deeper way. 

The Resource Library also houses Learning Journeys. We develop Learning Journeys by combining Collections, creating a mini-curriculum to introduce complex concepts incrementally. For example, the North Sound ACH team developed the Measuring Well-Being Learning Journey. Through a series of Collections, you can explore Thriving as a North Star for Community Well-BeingMeasuring Well-Being, and A Community Case Study to develop a more holistic understanding of what it means to measure well-being.

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