Putting Belonging and Civic Muscle Into Practice

Resist the rise of hate and dismantle systemic oppression and racism

Examining the legacies of systemic racism and oppression is critical to fostering a community where everyone belongs. The North Sound region is address in the following ways:

  1. Commitment to Anti-Racism
  2. Stories of shared grieving and holding space for reconciliation
  3. Creating space for healing and connection

Cultivate community participation and leadership



POC Gatherings

North Sound ACH supports a space for dialogue for people of color (POC) as they navigate their individual and collective wellbeing. This is a virtual meeting sp...

North Sound Indigenous Futurity Alliance

The North Sound Indigenous Futurity Alliance is dedicated to supporting young leaders in the North Sound region while specifically holding space for the voices ...

Build vibrant, inclusive communities



There’s Heart Here

This video follows three indigenous members of the Two Spirit and LGBTQ community as they journey toward self-acceptance, supportive healthcare, and communities...