Targeted Universalism

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Targeted Universalism

This video introduces the targeted universalism framework, a way to make transformational changes in society. It explains the difference between targeted univer...

Coronavirus and Latino Health Equity

This website contains a curated collection by Salud America! of culturally relevant stories, infographics, webinars, and other resources on the COVID-19 pandemi...

Achieving Equitable Outcomes for All

Targeted Universalism sets universal goals for the general population that are accomplished through targeted approaches based on the needs of different groups. ...

Targeted Universalism: Policy & Practice

This primer explains the framework of targeted universalism, discusses its advantages, and provides a process and step-by-step framework for deriving targeted u...

Targeted Universalism

Targeted Universalism–introduced by Berkeley professor john a. powell of the Othering and Belonging Institute–sets universal goals for the general p...

National Equity Atlas

This tool provides data to track, measure, and make the case for racial equity and inclusive prosperity in America’s regions, and states, and nationwide. It c...

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