Basic Needs: Health Care

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Safety Net Dental Clinic Manual

This manual is designed to help safety net dental clinic staff with all aspects of clinic development and ongoing operations, including facilities and staffing,...

Provider Toolkit

This webpage is intended help educators, health providers, nonprofits, and other partners use the Starts with One campaign in their communities. It contains a t...

Mobile-Portable Dental Care

This document provides an overview of mobile dental clinics and their role in helping address dental care needs for populations with limited access.

Dental Health Aid Therapists (DHATs)

This document provides an overview of the Dental Health Aide Therapists model and how it can address barriers in dental care in American Indian and Alaska Nativ...

Oral Health in Primary Care Integration

This brief introduces the Oral Health Delivery Framework, a conceptual framework for how to engage patients and families, and to make oral health preventive car...

Health Care Data 101

This informational guide introduces non-health sector professionals to health care data. This guide answers questions on topics such as health care data collect...

Hospital Community Benefit Programs

This article provides suggestions for a modest reorientation of hospital community benefit programs could help accelerate the development of successful regional...

Care Coordination Toolkit

This toolkit is part of a series of toolkits that is intended to educate the general public about accountable care organizations (ACOs) and to support current a...

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