Network Learning: 2023

The North Sound Collaborative Action Network presents a learning and advocacy interactive webinar series for 2023. Each month, we will host a presentation with local and national experts and interactive breakout rooms on topics grounded in equity and vital conditions for our work in the North Sound. Our working groups in the Network will be alternating our topics each month and bringing you rich discussion and challenging ideas.

May: Elevating community voices in advocacy - Lessons from youth leaders

On May 17, 2023, North Sound ACH, joined by partners and community members, gathered for part two of our advocacy series focusing on how we can learn from and better partner with youth leaders. In this session, we learned how to demonstrate positive youth-adult partnerships, shared ideas about how to engage and collaborate with youth, and discussed how the youth perspective and voice can be part of a broader equity/justice approach. We were honored to share the space with local young advocacy leaders from Burlington Schools, the YMCA of Snohomish County, and Children of the Setting Sun Productions.

Facing Adultism Toolkit

Adults often maintain their power by disregarding the input and contributions of children and youth in various social activities. This phenomenon, known as adul...

Young and Indigenous Podcast

The Children of the Setting Suns Productions (CSSP) organization is always looking for ways to engage younger generations in their work. They began with a youth...

March: Getting Started with Legislative Advocacy

On March 29, 2023, North Sound ACH and our partners and community joined a virtual learning session focused on state legislative advocacy. In this session, we heard from advocacy leaders at the Nonprofit Association of Washington, as well as a panel of speakers from Network partner organizations. Tiffany Brace of the Nonprofit Association of Washington; Liz Jennings, Community Action of Skagit County; Kati Ortiz, Skagit Valley College/Board Member, Community Action of Skagit County; Barbara Schultheiss, Lopez Island Family Resource Center; and Michelle Frye, Homage Senior Services.

Washington Low-Income Housing Alliance

As a statewide champion for housing, the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance is a coalition of diverse organizations and individuals working together to buil...

Advocacy Resources

This webpage from the Nonprofit Association of Washington lists advocacy and lobbying resources for nonprofits.