Measurement and Meaning Making

Measuring Well-Being

How measuring well-being can be a north star for transformative change where all people and all places thrive together – no exceptions.

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Measuring Well-Being

This collection introduces the well-being survey and Cantril’s Ladder of Life Evaluation

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Advancing Holistic Well-Being Measures

NLC and Oxford embarked on a dual effort aimed at a pilot in metropolitan Atlanta, while also considering a broader set of emerging models spurred by cities and...

Measuring Mobility from Poverty

What would it take to dramatically increase mobility from poverty?  To answer this question, the US Partnership on Mobility from Poverty gathered a range of in...

Data Sovereignty: 9/25/19 Webinar

This webinar explains the concept of data sovereignty, discusses data sovereignty in terms of Medicaid Transformation in Washington, and considers next steps fo...

Health Care Data 101

This informational guide introduces non-health sector professionals to health care data. This guide answers questions on topics such as health care data collect...

The Science of Thriving

The science of thriving has informed an easy-to-use, realtime survey that measures well-being and has the ability to both catalyze change and assess progress on...

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